Yes, this is the second year of Software Architect Community Indonesia (SARCCOM). There are no easy way to grow the tech community, people come and go, the organizer and the members itself. We don’t want to make people to be fanatic to one community, but sometimes it’s the natural way of human being. To be fanatic of something.

We as organizer. Build our own core value. The commitment to never break the chain. To deliver useful things for the community. Each month we held the meetup, we plan it on our busy days. “So little time to much to do” the phrase is exactly right. Every month we thinking how we can share a good insight to our community. We are very thankful to company and individual that support us along the way. They give us the idea and often they support us by providing the venue, coffee and foods.

There’s no abiding success without commitment. -Tony Robbins

Communication is the key to make it happen. Inside the community you don’t have a label. You can talk to any level of people. What i mean with “level” is the person that has important position on their company or community. Somehow there is no border, you can share anything. Good communication make people comfort. Even in our telegram group we do not allow a sticker to make the chat content clear enough to read.

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing. -Rollo May

Recognition, we are very care about this one. We think that people need to be recognize when they contribute something useful. We strengthen relationships. That’s why almost in every meetup we held, we give something to our speakers. Like cool LED plaque or T-Shirt.

Money, even our event always free we cannot ignore money. We want to give something great. Not just the great event content. Especially for the speakers merchandise. Paid workshop to the rescue. We held paid workshop several times and see the audience is excited about this one. We are very thankful to people that go to our paid workshop. Indirectly they support SARCCOM.

In this year we planned to held Software Architecture Conference in Jakarta. This is part of SARCCOM dream. We have a clear roadmap about this one. We want to try to make an impact, to trigger something that is hidden. You can try to check the official website This is our first international conference, it’s quite tense. But we learn something new to make it better in the future.

If you interested to support Software Architect Community Indonesia. Drop some email to


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