I’m the author of the unfinished book 😁 “Calon Software Engineer – Perekayasa Masa Depan” and “Chatbot HR Untuk Masa Depan Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia”. In the past, I teach kids with age 7-13 years old to code and build Websites, Android apps, Backend App, and the Internet of Things by playing with 30+ sensors using Arduino.

I’m enjoying to learning and talking with people that have a broad knowledge like a generalist but sometimes talk with specialists to get more pragmatic decisions. But I believe the future needed more of a generalist.

I love Math, Physics, and Chemistry even though I’m not mastering them yet. Combined with psychology, history, and philosophy. To be a real computer scientist I need to master algorithms. To master algorithms, I need to be good enough at Math, statistics, and probability theory.

And now I’ve become a software engineering manager. It’s a wonderful journey in my career. The most challenging part now is learning to sharpen empathy, public speaking, and communication effectively.

I want to make a great product that makes people dream about it. Yes, it’s not easy, but it deserves to try.